Rethinks 10 Steps to a Successful Sale:

1. Determine why and when you’d like to sell

Motivation plays a critical factor in determining what course of action you need to take. Spring is typically a faster-paced selling season while winter tends to be a little slower. Regardless, there are always people looking to buy and seasons are only one factor to consider. Give us a shout; we can help guide you through this process. 

2. Find the right REALTOR® for you

Interview a few REALTORS® and don’t be afraid to ask questions like: What do you charge for commission and what do I get for my money? What are the past sales, current listings and solds in my neighbourhood? What are your marketing plans for my property?

A good real estate agent will know the market well, supply you with information on past sales, current listings and his/her background form previous clients. They should also provide a solid marketing plan which should indicate how much your home should sell for. We are confident that after meeting with us, we will be the right fit; we’re just that good at what we do.

3. Sign a Listing Agreement (with us!)

It authorizes us and my brokerage to market and sell your home. The agreement serves 3 purposes: 1) It defines our relationship and every detail and limits of your real estate agent's authority  2) It provides detailed information on the home which will be posted on the Multiple Listing Service MLS® And 3) It forms a basis for drafting offers on your home; formal offers start with the Listing Agreement.

4. Set the listing price

We are experts in real estate and the Team keeps up to date on variables which can affect the real estate market. For example: Your neighborhood may be under the first stages of a rezoning plan by the city, there may be a large corporation opening shop so the demand for housing will be increasing, or perhaps interest rates are affecting people’s willingness to take out mortgages. We will also provide you with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of the homes recently sold, active and expired in your area, which will assist us in setting a realistic listing price.

5. Find a lawyer or notary

A lawyer/notary is needed to transfer the title of your property to the new owner’s name; this is called conveyance. When researching lawyers, ask questions like: what is your fee structure? Do you work real estate deals? Also, ask for an estimate of all other costs associated with selling your home.

6. Prepare your home for viewings and open houses

Get your mop, vacuum, tool belt & paint brush and let’s give your home a mini make-over. It’s the little things you can do to attract an offer. A clean, clutter-free home will typically attract an offer sooner than if the house is unkempt. You’re going to be moving anyway, so you may as well start packing up valuables (seeing how strangers will be in your home) and knickknacks. Our Team has an arsenal of staging supplies and a big Rethink van to transport it all to your home, if needed. We can refer cleaners, landscapers, handy-persons, painters, plumbers, home inspectors and more.

7. Let the marketing begin 

This is our Team’s expertise. We’ve so got this. But it would simply be bad business if we were to disclose our marketing secrets on this public platform, so we’ll save this information for our interview (refer to step 2). But what we can tell you is this: it's the birth of new-school marketing when selling real estate. How old and tired can the real estate industry be when it comes to marketing? Pretty old and tired, we feel... there is a whole new ever-changing market out there - a new generation of Buyer's - a shifting demographic and a changing face to Greater Vancouver as we once new it! It's time to rethink how we market and sell our homes.

8. Prepare your finances

Is your mortgage portable without any penalties? Can the buyer assume your mortgage? Can you discharge your mortgage without any penalties? Do capital gains taxes apply to you? Talk with your mortgage broker and perhaps your accountant to see what applies to you. We can refer you to a few stellar mortgage professionals.

9. We’ve got an offer 

We will walk you through the process. There may be some conditions/subjects price adjustments, closing dates and other details we may want to change; we will discuss each and every detail. Successful negotiating is an art and because it’s often a highly emotional time, we are here to guide you through the process with skill, competency and expertise.

10. Close the deal

1) Contact your lawyer and let them know an Agreement has been accepted

2) Immediately begin satisfying any conditions/subjects that are required your actions to complete

3) Contact utilities, telephone and cable companies about transfer or removal of service

4) Call insurance agent and arrange cancellation or transfer of your homeowner’s insurance

5) Call a moving company

6) Send out change of address cards including Ministry of Transportation for your BCDL etc

7) Notify me immediately if there are any changes to your property or situation

8) If you’re going to be purchasing a house, DO NOT, under any circumstances rack up your credit card, increase your debt or co-sign a loan for anyone.

Congratulations!!! You have sold your house! We are so pleased to have helped you :-)