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Darcy Schlechtleitner - A self-proclaimed workaholic! Real estate is not a job, it's a full on lifestyle. Obsessed with details, target marketing and lifestyle living. She firmly believes that every home has a buyer, and sells lifestyles. Happy clients are her motto. Be prepared to work with someone who makes you laugh a lot, will market your home with every detail covered for a fast sale and all the money she can squeeze! And for Buyers, it's all about the most perfect fit. She wants to know everything about you to make sure the area and the home are perfect. Nothing else will do. She is a thinker and a doer. Real Estate is usually an emotional buy. She brings the brains to it and this is why she is also so successful in Investments.  She can confidently say negotiations are one of her most favorite things in the world. Who says that!?

For the last 12 years her door has been revolving with the same faces over and over. 95% of her people (aka clients) are referred in or know her on a personal basis. She is satisfaction minded and only the best will do. She is the Founder of Rethink. Educated in the Real Estate programs at UBC and has a Diploma to Technology specializing in Marketing Management and Real Estate. Top 10% of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate board. Growing a thriving team based on service, service, service!

In her personal life, her resume of giving back and non-profit work is almost as long as her Real estate experience. One thing Rethink and Darcy stand for is community. She has a great life and knows it and wants to give that to others. From organizing the Real Estate Boards Blanket Drive, being the past VP of St Barnabas Daycare society, being the past VP of the Edmonds Association, keen supporter of certain Political parties and supporter/organizer of community events such as Tree Lighting Ceremonies and Christmas parades- the list goes on! In the last few years she has also chosen to mentor young women to be the best they can be.

Did I mention she has a loving husband, a son, 3 fabulous step kids, a brown lab, a family and lots of friends?! Most of her time off is spent on the field watching her son play soccer. She also hikes, shops like a mad woman, reads like crazy, snowboards and rides a bike (but not that great). Family is what this is all for! And her clients have also become her family. All in all, life is great! She is very grateful for every aspect of it.   



Darcy Schlechtleitner