Costs Associated With Buying a Home

First of all, we feel it's important that you understand that when Team Rethink represents you in a buying transaction, it shouldn't cost you a penny. You have saved for a downpayment, kept your credit clean as a whistle and have been pre-approved for a mortgage: you're a rockstar! When you purchase a house, there are unexpected costs that are likely to arise whether you're a first-time buyer or not.

In addition to the downpayment, you will likely have to pay for:

1) Home inspection and appraisal fee

2) Insurance

3) Land registration fee

4) Prepaid property taxes and utility bills (bills that the current owner has already paid for)

5) Legal or notary fees

6) Potential repairs or renovations

7) Moving costs and last, but not least

8) Other taxes (depending on the type of home you've purchased).


Ask the Team for specific dollar amounts.

Other costs could arise that we haven't included on this page, although the costs above are fairly standard.