Who's Rethink Real Estate Group?


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Rethink Real Estate Group is the brainchild of Darcy. WIth some serious gumption, extreme work-ethic and a whole lot of blood, sweat and even tears, Rethink was successfully up and running out of her garage in New Westminster back in 2004. She's excellent with people, extremely driven, the dreamer of the Team and is HUGE on accountability. She's earned the trust and respect of countless clients over her lengthy and extraordinarily successful real estate career. She's got a beautiful son who plays lacrosse and hockey in New West, so she can often be seen at the rinks at 6am in sweats and flats, which she dislikes, because she's all about the high heels. Darcy quite literally is the heart and soul of this entire operation. Her standards for customer service are as high as her heels. 

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Wanda has been a licensed realtor for 8 years, specializing in primarily Foreclosures until 2019 when she decided to diversify into all types of residential buying and selling. This experience combined with 20 years of working in administration to a Foreclosure Lawyer in Vacouver has made her an amazing problem solver, especially around the legalities of home sales. Having dealt with so many complex deals has made her transition into regular residential real estate a breeze for this Foreclosure Queen! When Wanda is not hard at work for her clients, she can be found on mountain top enjoying a hike with her adorable pup, Bella + her partner Tony and/or her son Chris. Family is everything to her - her own and yours.

TEXT/TALK: 604-767-8445